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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Molina over Montero?

News came down yesterday that Gustavo Molina would most likely break camp as the Yankee starting catcher. There is no reason for a player with a career .643 OPS in the minors to be on the roster of the Yankees. Cervelli is going to be back in about a month so why not just break camp with Montero or Romine and let them experience New York? Worse case they sit and/or struglle in which case they go down in May m issing only 3 weeks of games. Best case you have your catcher of the future.

Yankees always seem to pick the guarnteed mediocrity of a veteran over the potential payoff of a prospect.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jesus Montero is Still the Savior

This week's SI has an article about the prodigy for the Braves, Jason Heyward, and to sum it up the kid is the chosen one. As a Yankee fan I tend to read every baseball story and relate it back to my Yankees in some way. My first thought was why didn't we get this kid! My second, how does Jesus Montero compare? I know Jesus is not the athlete that Heyward is but what about as a hitter? Heyward is 2 months older then Jeses and already in the bigs but check out the two as minor leaguers;

Heyward 238 games .318/.391/.508 899 OPS .12 HR Rate .53 RBI Rate
Montero 257 Games .325/.379/.509 888 OPS .14 HR Rate .68 RBI Rate

Not listed is Heyward's superior SB numbers but we all know Jesus is not the athlete that Heyward is but so far in their careers he has been up to par as a hitter. Also, it isn't like Jesus has done his damage at rookie ball with Heyward mashing AAA pitching. Their games played by level is very close - Montero Rookie 33, A 132, A+ 48, AA 44 and Heyward Rk 12, A 120, A+ 56, AA 47 and AAA 3. So Jesus has put up similar numbers, at the same age and at the same levels as Heyward. So Yankee fans can be jealous of Heyward's total package but as far as being the top power prospect in the game goes, don't count out Jesus. in other words, Jesus lives!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top Ten Prospect?

Jesus Montero was a much publicized signing as a 16 year-old.  There was talk of his power being an 80 on the 20-80 scouting scale. A possible once in the generation type of talent that also happened to play catcher.  The Yankees opened up their checkbook and signed the teen to a large contract.  

Since then all Montero has done is hit.  He is currently 19 playing high A and hitting the cover off the ball(.967 OPS!).  This is pretty impressive considering his young age and his position.  The question now is Montero becoming one of the top prospects in baseball? His defense is the
 sticking point and the only real difference between him and say uber prospect Matt Weiters but even if he is a bad fielding first baseman his numbers might warrant a little more attention then what he is getting. I know, hard to believe in New York that a prospect is being under hyped but check out his numbers against the first baseman ranked higher then him on the BA top 100 list;

At a younger age he is having more success then those ranked higher on the list from Baseball America.  There is also talk of him being promoted in the near future which will allow us to do a little more of a direct comparison against those in AA.  

If the call-up comes and he continues to hit Jesus should start to warrant Joba circa 2007 like attention.  

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